We are currently reading for the all-creative nonfiction Issue 12. Regular poetry, fiction, and artwork submissions will re-open after Issue 12 is released.
Ends on 5/17/2016

The word essay derives from the French essayer, which means "to try." In the spirit of our upcoming all creative nonfiction issue of Banango Street, we invite you to question the essay's origins, form, and the implied failure of the attempt, as well as to live in the celebration of success, the experiment, the expansion and extrapolation, how the essay is playing and in play, how it lives and breathes and dies and resurrects.

Let us know the ways you insist and persist. We want to hear about your quietest or loudest, your most hazardous attempts and your necessary and rudest awakenings, we want your screams and your whispers. We want to see how you embody the essay, how the essay embodies you, how you fill and empty it. If the essay splinters and falls apart, so be it.

We are especially seeking work from writers who are frequently underrepresented in literary conversations. This includes people of color, women, those who identify as non-cisgender and/or non-gender conforming, queer and/or transgender perspectives/LGBTQIA voices, disabled voices, etc. We want to hear your narratives, we want to see your experiments, we intend to hold a space for you.

If you are submitting more than one piece, please combine them in one document and make only one submission through Submittable. Your entire submission should be no longer than 5000 words.